June 27, 2018


The goal of this nine year old project is to provide a phrase by phrase explanation of the 1677/89 Second London Confession of Faith (2LCF). Currently I am beginning a second edition which will be more historically oriented. The first edition (chapters 1-22 completed of the 32 total chapters in the 2LCF) tend to explain the Confession too generally in places, and many of the supporting citations I used were from modern Reformed theologians, not contemporaries of the 2LCF. There are places in this first edition where I struggled to explain difficult phrases, and I am discovering many of those difficult phrases are theological nomenclature of that time period and can only be understood when the nomenclature or technical language of that time is appropriated. It is not that the first edition is completely non-historical; it is just not historical enough.

As the project continues (Lord willing), I will seek to use theologians contemporary to the framers of the 2LCF—theologians which the framers would have made use of themselves. I also intend to bring into the work a 2LCF critical-text (from an a facsimile of the original) and refer to originate/parent wordings the Confession used (e.g. Wiliam Ames, Belgic Confession, 1596 True Confession, 1646 1LCF, etc.). These and other changes are what I seek to make in the second edition.

Once I begin to post the second edition commentary, I will keep the first edition located on this website, but moved to a separate page.

For those interested in how to best study the 2LCF, I would recommend obtaining a small book from RBAP written by Dr. James M. Renihan, entitled, A Toolkit for Confessions: Helps for the Study of English Puritan Confessions of Faith.

If you wish to reach out to me, please contact me at gmarble1689@gmail.com.

Your fellow student in Christ,

Gary Marble

(Member of Grace Covenant Church, Gilbert, AZ)