Chapter 8: Of Christ the Mediator

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5 Responses to Chapter 8: Of Christ the Mediator

  1. Curious says:

    Hello Mr. Marble: Do you have any initial thoughts as to why the LBC added sections 8.9 and 8.10, whereas the SDFO and WCF don’t contain it? I’m doing a study on these two subsections and came to this page for your thoughts in ot.

    • Well, I only have a partial answer as to WHY. I can better answer WHAT. The 1677/89 Confession for 8.9 & 8.10 follow the 1st LBC of 1646. 1646’s XIII corresponds to 1689’s 8.9, and 1646’s XIV corresponds to 1689’s 8.10.
      To take it even further, the 1646 followed the 1644 for its XIII (same as XIII of 1646) and XIV (same as XIV 1646).
      Then, even further, 1644’s XIII followed the 1596 True Confession’s 12, and the 1644’s XIV followed William Ames’, The Marrow of Theology, 19.10 and 19.11 (Ames’ 19.10-11 are put together to form the 1644’s XIV. Now, there are some slight variations between, 1646’s XIV and the 1644’s XIV, and some variation between the 1644’d XIV and Ames’ 19.10 & 19.11. Nonetheless, the trail from the 1689 8.9 and 8.10 from these parent confessions is unmistakable.
      The 1646, 1644, 1596, and Ames’ work are available online for free. As for my source on this, I have used James Renihan’s, True Confessions, which gives all these confessions in harmonized vertical columns to compare with one another—without it, figuring all this out would take quite a bit of time. Hope that helps.

  2. raynard thompson says:

    Hello. First let me say thank you for your diligence in putting like this together. And thank God for His gracious Providence in giving it to us. As I have just found this, I think, about a week ago I pray God’s gracious guidance as you work on doctrine 8. Thanks again.

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